You can either use the instructions provided above or you can just use the ideas and think up your own project.
For instance, maybe you think tactile electronics is great but this has really inspired you to start making your own clothes. If so, well get on with it. Maybe you can come back to adding a bit of tactile electronics to your own clothes at a later stage.
The links here don’t only provide things you can do, they provide ideas to fire your imagination.
Contact this site if you have any better links which will help people to get started and make something.
Making Things
Here are some useful links for now:
Making things is a really great way to learn. You will learn because you want to, because you need to and because it’s fun.
Toys from Trash is about making things and more Children who can make things
Technology isn’t just for boys Girl Geeks
Make your clothing come to life Tactile Electronics
Learn to write computer code - start now Code Club
There are lots of things to make here. Instructables is a web site for makers of things.
More demanding code and electronics Arduino Projects at Instructables
Inspiration, Fun and a pinch of salt Big Clive
Ideas and Inspiration Beam Builder
Starting Science for fun Science Kids