Learn Other Stuff
The web site is running out of menu space for the learn menu so until I solve that problem here is a page which identifies lots of other things to learn
The reason for starting this page is because I have found a couple of really interesting and thought provoking pages on the BBC web site. These pages present some important concepts in video clips which are each just a few minutes long. Take a look at the pages:

The first page contains links to several (8 as I am looking now) clips about things like 'Everything We've Ever Known About Gravity' for instance. The page is called Everything We've Ever Known About ...
The second page contains a lot more links to even shorter clips about really important concepts. This page is called 'A History of Ideas'. Each concept (such as 'What Makes Me Human') contains 4 links to clips which are each about 2 minutes long and which are supported by unfolding cartoon drawings as the concept is explored. These are very well done and since they are quite short you can easily watch each one several times to really get to grips with the idea.
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