How to learn
Other Learning Support Sites:
There are lots of resources on the Internet which will provide learning assistance and offer methods which will improve your learning. On this web site we will try to point out some of these resources.
Our own focus will be a much simpler one. The thing that The Way We Know will promote is thinking and of course interest.
Watch out for the distracting adverts on some sites - don’t click on things without looking first.
There is more to say about this but for now please remember:
Our Focus
Take a look here for a good way to learn.
Effective Study
This web site contains a great deal of well thought out help for anyone who would like to improve their study habits and techniques.
This resource is specifically aimed at study rather than learning - NOTE the difference.
Learning is your responsibility.
Don’t be put off by people who label things as ‘boring’.
You can still ask why or how even if everyone else seems to understand
Listen, Pay Attention, Concentrate
Don’t just accept things, think about them.
The best way to know is by trying to understand.
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