Designing things requires quite a lot of thinking. There is a lot to think about; for instance:
What is the designed thing supposed to do or achieve?
What are the constraints, on materials, tools, time etc?
If the thing is to be built, how will it be built and by whom?
Can the thing be repaired easily if it needs to be?
If the thing is for other people, will they like it?
There are many more things that need thinking about when designing something. Even if you are intending to build something because this is your interest etc, you might use an existing design which someone else has created or you might decide to design and then build your own thing.
Even art and music need to be designed and many of the questions above also apply to art and music.
Why not think about the popular term - designer label - does this imply that everything else without such a label is not designed. Have a think about what that particular term means.
You might like designing things so much that you might decide to become a designer. In which case you will have to think about what design tools you will need and you will have to learn how to use them. You will also need to think about what is good and what is bad in design and of course, who decides what is good and what is bad.
If you like a challenge why not think about the icon images for concepts such as knowledge, truth, think and wisdom. Have a think about designing GOOD icon images for concepts like these which satisfy the goals that you set yourself.