Building Block of Learning
This is one of the most important parts of this web site because it addresses one of the most difficult topics. That is the knowledge we all seem to need in order to do almost anything else in a modern world. These are things like knowing times tables, knowing how to calculate areas, knowing what PI is, knowing about grammar and spelling, knowing how to understand written text and lots, lots more. In fact, most of the stuff you learn at school.
But it can be interesting too.
Have a think about these questions.
What does area (like area of a triangle) actually mean?
How much bigger is the sun than the earth, not in numbers, try using objects?
Why is multiplying and dividing by 10 so easy?
Think about the building blocks themselves:.
And these building blocks:
You can’t answer a written maths question unless you can read
You can’t read unless you can recognise words
You cant recognise words unless you know the alphabet
You can’t calculate the area of a triangle unless you can multiply and divide
You can’t multiply and divide unless you can add and subtract
You can’t add and subtract unless you can count
You can’t count unless you know the numbers
Rainbow bay
This is just a simple example of the building blocks of knowledge which you need to be able to understand more complicated things. There is more to say about this but for now, have a think about it yourself and maybe try to construct your own knowledge building blocks for something which you are learning. Sometimes, learning becomes difficult if you find that there is a block missing in your own understanding.