Body and Brain
When we think about learning, it is the brain which we tend to focus on. This is not a bad focus because the brain is where learning takes place and where knowledge is held. Yet if we don’t feel well or if our body has some other problem or need; then our body is able to focus nearly all of our brains capabilities on our body’s problems. This is also sensible because our brain cannot survive unless it works hard to protect our body, the place where it lives. So if you want to learn lots of interesting stuff which is much more than simply surviving, then you need to look after your body. Keep it as fit and healthy as you can. That way, your brain can turn its attention to really interesting stuff.
One of our brains most demanding jobs is to look after and control our body. Lots of bits of the brain are solely dedicated to sensing things and controlling things through the interface of our body. If you wanted to build a really great mobile robot which could think and communicate then you would get considerable inspiration from the study of yourself. You might find that you installed a central computer inside all of the movement, and sensing apparatus but you would also find that a lot of the software you would need to write would be about controlling the artificial body itself. By the time you got round to how to program thinking and intelligence, you would already have written an absolutely staggering amount of code (programs).