About TWWK
The Way We Know is an initiative to promote learning, which is built around this web site. The objective is a fairly simple one, it is to help people to learn, to think, and to be interested. There are many places people can go to get help with learning but that should not put us off making yet another place which is offering help. The main point which is being promoted through The Way We Know (TWWK) is that learning and thinking are really interesting and it is your own interest which will help you to grow and keep going when things get difficult.
Who is Doing it?
At the start of this, there is just one person, me, John L. Gordon. I have, like many other people, not only a long and varied learning background but a real interest in learning and in helping others to learn. I did spend over 25 years as a College Lecturer and that helped show me that there are lots of ways not to learn. Unfortunately as a teacher, one concentrates on teaching because that is what is paying the bills. But with real learning, the focus is the learner and it might be unfashionable to say so but the responsibility to learn also lies with the learner and not the teacher. That said, there are very many really good and dedicated teachers out there doing a great job. Maybe we should thank them from time to time.
I have also spent many years studying knowledge and I have a business which has that focus. The business is AKRI Ltd and it also helps to pay the bills. This web site and anything associated with it are however, not for profit and not associated with the business from a money making perspective.
I hope that others might join this effort at some stage. Contributing anything from a web site story or explanation etc. to offering as much help as they can.